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quick question regarding the PSA with Carmilla- because of the whole vampire thing, I just wanted to know if the pads and tampons Carmilla stole from you were used or not. I mean it makes sense either way


Oh, they definitely were used. A girl’s gotta stay protected, even if the protection is pilfered.

I don’t think that’s what they meant

One time I woke up and rolled out of bed onto the ground considerably harder than usual and I felt the ground shake and I even heard wine bottles in the kitchen rattle and when I went into the kitchen my mom was like “did you feel everything shake?” and in my head I was like ‘oh my god i’m a fat ass. do I weigh that much??? i shook the floor so hard my mom felt me get out of bed halfway across the house??? I’m so embarassed i’m never gonna live this down fuck my life’ and I felt horrible and tried to apologize to my mom for getting out of bed so harshly and she was like “no there was an earthquake” and I was like “oh”

and that’s the time in my half-asleep daze i mistook an earthquake for my own footsteps 

I have a feeling Carmilla might inspire me to restart writing that 7 part series of incestuous lesbian vampire novels I planned to write when I was 12.




so have we all seen this trailer yet

do i dare to hope, do i

I’m really looking forward to this. They’ve been hitting festivals for almost two years - hopefully VOD is next.


Tiny gay Laura, emphasis on gay.

but Annie’s body flying halfway off of her

her soul is visibly leaving her body


Brazilian Agate | ©avegaon/Thomas P. Shearer
Iraí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


Brazilian Agate | ©avegaon/Thomas P. Shearer

Iraí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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